Tn Yellowjacket
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"Daren Cross was Hank Pym's protege. That is...until he made it clear he was determined to unravel the secrets of shrinking technology--secrets that Pym did not want rediscovered. But Cross persisted and succeeded in duplicating Pym's Ant-Man technology. The result:a militarized armor dubbed Yellowjacket".

Class: Infiltrator

Story Appearance: Spec Op 01: Matter & Ant-Matter

Organisations: Ui icon pin faction hydra-lo r mip 064x64 copy Hydra


Note: These are the stats at Level 30 ****

  • Health: 12407
  • Attack: 2653
  • Defense: 2256
  • Speed: 2786
  • Accuracy: 2786
  • Evasion: 2389


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s
Out Of Sight Self No Buff Adds Stealthy + Alerted
Stealth Strike Single Yes Melee


Name Description Effect
Shrink Away Chance to become Hidden after being attacked
Super Villain Takes turns faster



"With control over his size, Yellowjacket can become Stealthy at a moment's notice and frequently does immediately after being attacked. His laser blasts and microscopic blows break down defenses and weaken foes to further energy attacks".



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