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"Herman Schultz is a small-time burglar turned Super Villain. Equipped with a sonic absorption suit that dampens attacks, and a pair of vibrational gauntlets that can generate condensed waves of sound, Shocker has frequently been a headache for street-level heroes like Spider-Man".

Class: Scrapper Scrapper

Organisations: Ui icon faction street thugs-lo r64x64 Sinister Syndicate

Story AppearanceEdit

Chapter 1 - Check Your Six


Note: These are his stats at Level 8

Health: 969

Attack: 449

Defense: 383

Speed: 449

Accuracy: 472

Evasion: 405


Passive Effect
Super Villain Takes turns faster
Seeker Can target Stealthy characters


Ability Effect
Rocket Tackle - Single-Target Attack Applies Weakened to target



"With the ability to send shockwaves through air, Shocker doesn't really worry about people hiding from him. As he propels himself around the battlefield, his abilities weaken his opponents' Evasion and Attack and leave them shaking with Wounded".



  • Shocker can be found during the Level 10 Scouting Mission when facing Sinister Syndicate grunts.

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