Hero Ability Type
Tn Black Widow AoU
Black Widow Age of Ultron
Blackwidow AoU 4 system-shock System Shock Melee Shock
Blackwidow AoU 8 escrima-expertise Escrima Expertise Melee Blunt Shock Unarmed
Tn Black Widow
Black Widow Modern
Blackwidow 1 widows-bite Widow's Bite Ranged Shock
03 - Shocking Touch Shocking Touch Melee Shock
06 - Stun Disks Stun Disks Ranged Shock
Tn Electro H
Electro Classic
Electro 1 static-discharge Static Discharge Ranged Shock
Electro 2 electrical-storm Electrical Storm Ranged Shock
Electro 3 shocking-grasp Shocking Grasp Melee Shock
Electro 8 human-dynamo Human Dynamo Ranged Shock
Electro 6 ball-lightening Ball Lightning Ranged Shock Random
Electro 8 human-dynamo Human Dynamo Ranged Shock
Tn Hank Pym
Hank Pym Yellowjacket
01 - Bioelectric Blast Bioelectric Blast Ranged Shock
Yellowjacket 5 sting-ray Sting Ray Ranged Shock
Tn Hawkeye AoU
Hawkeye Age of Ultron
Hawkeye AoU 7 electro-arrow Electro-Arrow Ranged Projectile Shock
Hawkeye AoU 8-hi-voltage-arrows High-Volt Arrows Ranged Shock
Tn Hawkeye
Hawkeye Marvel Now!
Hawkeye 5-stun-arrow Stun Arrow Ranged Shock
Tn Heimdall
Heimdall Cinematic
Heimdall 5 open-a-rift Open The Rift Ranged Shock
Ui icon hero plaque nebula playable 01-lo r128x128
Nebula Cinematic
Nebula 1 concussive-blast Concussive Blast Ranged Shock
Nebula 4 eradication Eradication Ranged Shock
05 - Shock Baton Shock Baton Melee Shock
Nebula 7 parting-shots Parting Shots Ranged Shock
Tn Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Cinematic
Rocket 4 lepton-phaser Lepton Phaser Ranged Shock
Tn Miles Morales
Spider-Man Miles Morales
Spiderman MM 1 venom-jab Venom Jab Melee Shock Unarmed
Spiderman MM 2 ultimate-web Ultimate Web Ranged Shock
Spiderman MM 4 slide-on-by Slide On By Melee Shock
Spiderman MM 7 stick-the-landing Stick the Landing Melee Shock
Spiderman MM 8 venom-bomb Venom Bomb Ranged Shock
Tn Spider-Woman
Spider-Woman Classic
Spider-woman 1 venom-blast Venom Blast Ranged Shock
Spider-woman 8 arachne-sting Arachne Sting Ranged Shock
Tn Star-Lord
Star-Lord Cinematic
Star-lord 1 element-gun-1 Element Gun Ranged Shock
Tn Thor AoU
Thor Age of Ultron
Thor AoU 2 thunderstrike Thunderstrike Melee Blunt Shock
Thor AoU 3 summon-lightning Summon Thunder Ranged Shock
Thor AoU 7 thunderhead-unleashed Thunderhead Unleashed Melee Shock
Thor AoU 8 bring-down-the-hammer Bring Down The Hammer Melee Blunt Shock
Ui icon hero plaque thor 01-lo r128x128
Thor Marvel Now!
Thor 2 call lightning Call Lightning Ranged Shock
Thor 8 storm-front Storm Front Ranged Shock
Ui icon hero plaque wasp 01-lo r128x128
Wasp Modern
Wasp 1 bioenergy-blast Bioenergy Blast Ranged Shock
Wasp 2 stinging-barrage Stinging Barrage Ranged Shock
Wasp 5 final-sting Final Sting Ranged Shock
Wasp 7 skirmish-scramble Skirmish Scramble Ranged Shock

Ability Type

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