Tn Ronan
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"Ronan is the Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, responsible for passing judgment on all worlds and species that defy or stand to be incorporated into the Empire. Ronan is among the highest ranking of Kree military commanders and speaks with the full authority of the Supreme Intelligence at his back".

Class: Tactician

Organisations: Ui icon faction kree-lo r64x64 Kree Empire

Story AppearanceEdit

Chapter 3 - Middle of Knowhere


Note: These are the stats at Level 36 ***

  • Health: 13410
  • Attack: 3018
  • Defense: 3353
  • Speed: 2851
  • Accuracy: 3521
  • Evasion: 3018


Name Description Effect Notes
Super Villain


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s
Hammer of Judgment Single Yes Melee, Blunt Adds Static Shock to target
Universal Blast Single Yes Ranged, Shock Adds Ionized to target



"With his intimidating Universal weapon, Ronan blasts foes, weakening them to further energy attacks. He can also use his abilities to shrug off Wounded and increase the precision of his blows".



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