Tn Paladin
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"A hired gun of the highest caliber, Paladin is remarkably well-rounded, boasting incredible physical prowess, hand-to-hand combat ability, marksmanship, and proficiency. Paladin has found himself on both sides of the law, as he's often willing to sell his services to the highest bidder."

Class: Tactician

Organisations: Mercenary

Story AppearanceEdit

Chapter 1 - Check Your Six

Chapter 2 - A.I.M. For the Stars

Spec Op 01: Matter & Ant-Matter


Note: These are the stats at Level XX ****

  • Health:
  • Attack:
  • Defense:
  • Speed:
  • Accuracy:
  • Evasion:


Name Description Effect Notes
Super Villain Takes turns faster.


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s



"Paladin is a well-trained mercenary who learns from his opponents' moves in battle. Come at him with a melee attack, and he'll resist the next one. Hit him with a ranged assault, and you can expect the next won't hit as hard."



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