Tn Kree Sentry
Icon Kree Sentry


"The Kree Sentries are heavily armed and armored robots, designed for scouting and security. Kree Sentry units operate with a degree of autonomy and have been known to single-handedly subdued entire worlds by themselves. The Kree often use Sentries to protect their most sensitive strategic positions".

Class: Blaster

Organisations: Ui icon faction kree-lo r64x64 Kree Empire

Story AppearanceEdit

Chapter 3 - Middle of Knowhere


Note: These are the stats at Level Level 36 ***

  • Health: 2851
  • Attack: 3688
  • Defense: 3521
  • Speed: 2851
  • Accuracy: 3018
  • Evasion: 2516


Name Description Effect Notes
Super Villain Takes turns faster


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s
Shock Wave All Heroes Yes



"The towering Kree Sentry is a terrifyingly powerful Blaster. Its ionizing shock waves leaves foes weak to further energy blasts, and its arm beams take advantage of that, leaving targets Wounded."


Ui icon pin kree sentry 01-lo r64x64 Kree Sentry Battle Model Temporary


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