There are six Classes in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2. All Classes are strong against one other Class, and weak against another.

Generalist Class Characters don't gains any advantages from attacking or being attacked by any Class.

strong / weak against

Heroes Edit


Villains Edit

Tn AIM Power Armor
Ui icon faction aim-lo r64x64 A.I.M. Mecho-Trooper
Tn Hydra Power Armor
Hydra Symbol Hydra Power Armor
Tn Fixer
Tn Hammer
Hydra Symbol Ui icon faction hydra four-lo 064x64 Hammer
Tn Magus
Ui icon faction church of truth-lo r64x64 Magus
Tn Scientis Supreme
Ui icon faction aim-lo r64x64 Scientist Supreme
Tn Ultron
Ui icon faction ultron-lo r64x64 Ultron

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

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