Captain America (1901) Event Captain America (1901) Event

Captain America (1901) Event

This event features a task list of missions to accomplish as you progress.

Tasks do not need to be done in any particular order to earn the reward.

Completing all 5 Tasks of this Event will reward you with:
Steam-Powered Cell Steam-Powered Cell, which unlocks
Unknown Icon 1 Captain America (1901) if opened before 7/13/2016.


1. Same EnemyEdit

  • 0/40 - Defeat Hydra Symbol Hydra Enemies
  • Requires 25 Gold to Auto-Finish

2. Fight The Good FightEdit

  • 0/28 - Win PVP Fights
  • Requires 60 Gold to Auto-Finish
  • Note: Can be done in Practice.

3. Able BodiesEdit

  • 0/20 - Team-up with friends
  • Requires 25 Gold to Auto-Finish

4. People PowerEdit

5. Un-RemoteEdit

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