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"Trained to match Hawkeye shot for shot, Bowman wades into battle with an array of weaponized arrows in his quiver, Perfectly suited for taking down Avengers. Militant, Tactical Force, Bowman, and Hammer currently use the team-name "The Hydra Four."

Class: Infiltrator Infiltrator

Organisations: Ui icon pin faction hydra-lo r mip 064x64 copy Hydra & Ui icon faction hydra four-lo 064x64 Hydra Four

Story AppearanceEdit

Chapter 2 - A.I.M. For the Stars

Chapter 3 - Middle of Knowhere


Note: These are the stats at Level 35 ***

  • Health: 7780
  • Attack: 3294
  • Defense: 3112
  • Speed: 3477
  • Accuracy: 4391
  • Evasion: 3477


Name Description Effect Notes
Multi Arrow Bowman's arrows can replicate many damage types
Super Villain Takes turns faster


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s
Hydra-Army Arrow Single Yes Ranged Bleeding + Static Shock



"Bowman brings his own spin to Hawkeye's quiver of tricks. He can reliably deliver follow-up attacks, inflict Bleeding and Static Shock, and loose a volley that deals every damage type simultaneously."



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