Tn Boomerang
Icon Boomerang


"Using the athletic prowess that he refined as a former professional sports star, Australian Fred Myers has since turned to a career as a mercenary. Wielding a variety of weaponized boomerangs with lethal accuracy, Myers likes to flaunt his impressive skills whenever he takes on a contract".

Class: Infiltrator Infiltrator

Organisations: Ui icon faction street thugs-lo r64x64 Sinister Syndicate

Story AppearanceEdit

Chapter 1 - Check Your Six


Note: These are his stats at Level 14

Health: 461

Attack: 697

Defense: 661

Speed: 697

Accuracy: 770

Evasion: 697


Passive Effect
Super Villain Takes turns faster


Ability Effect
Razorang - Single-Target Attack Applies Bleeding to target
Shatterang - Single-Target Attack Applies Exposed to target



"Keeping himself out of harm's way, Boomerang begings stealthy after dodging an attack. His projectile attacks are bad enough on their own, but the frequency quickly reduces heroes' defenses, particularly to his trusty Razorangs".




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