Tn Black Panther
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"T'Challa inherited the title of Black Panther when he assumed the throne of the African nation of Wakanda. Using Wakanda's highly advanced technology as well as his own sharp intellect and fighting acumen, Panther rarely relies on anyone else. He arms himself with an array of weapons made from Wakanda's rare and powerful metal, Vibranium."

Class: Infiltrator

Story AppearanceEdit

Spec Op 02: Captain America: Civil War



Note: These are the stats at Level 30 ***

  • Health: 4934
  • Attack: 1871
  • Defense: 1974
  • Speed: 2182
  • Accuracy: 2182
  • Evasion: 2286


Name Description Effect Notes
Heart-Shaped Herb Gains +20% Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Evasion, and Speed while Stealthy.
Panther Stance 50% chance to remain Stealthy after attacking.
Super Villain Takes turns faster.


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s



"As an Infiltrator, Black Panther comes with the expected abilities to go Stealthy and gain bonus damage. But with a high Evasion and passive ability to reduce the accuracy of Area Attacks, he's hard to hit even in the light."



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