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• 11/27/2017

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• 9/1/2016

IMPORTANT! the game is shutting down #RIPmaa

this game completely shuts down September, 30, 2016
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• 8/22/2016

Black Panther

Regarding Black Panther's 4-Star Trials, can someone provide an example of how to complete the #3 Trial: "Use Black Panther to defeat Melter on Heroic difficulty, without the final hit being from an arrack"???
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• 8/20/2016

PVP Tournament Question

I have been playing for a little less than a week. (I get my free hero in a day and a half). I still can't do the PVP tournament. What level does this unlock? I am Commander level 21 now and my hero's (Hawkeye, Wasp, Spidey, Luke Cage) are all level 28/29. It lets me practice, but as far as the actual tournament it still tells me that there isn't one going on right now. However, I thought they ran one every month, with at most a few days in between, what am I missing?
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• 8/15/2016

Looking for help/guidance

Long story short (I've tried to explain a little further but the page keeps crashing on me) I started a week ago, got the feel abit, figured out how to re-roll and tried that to get heros I thought I'd like better (Moon Knight/Luke Cage, love MK, LC underwhelmed) and dropped 10 on Spidey and rolled with it. Got lucky on one of my first pulls and got AoU Hawkeye (favorite blaster, all around good guy, love him). My plan has been to grab Black Widow at my 7 day free draw. I've played for roughly 5 days solid, most of my heros are lvl 17ish and I'm Commander level 12. With that said, I've made a lot of mistakes and have been tempted to start over. My ideal start would be re-rolling until I get two decent different class characters to pair with Hawkeye, buy Spidey again, and roll with those 4 until I can use my 7 day free hero to round out with either Cap or Black Widow (so obviously my starting 4 would lack either a Tact or an Infil) This would be no problem for me if I hadn't lucked out and drawn AoU Hawkeye. How stupid lucky was I to grab 3* him so early? Would I be crazy to walk away from that? Should I just suck up my mistakes/wasted resources and so on and keep plugging forward? It's not that I don't like the starter Hawkeye, I do he's great too but AoU Hawkeye is top notch IMO. Any and all input for a relative noobie would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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• 8/14/2016

Upcoming update?

Does anyone know if there is going to be an update released soon? Do they have a regular schedule for the updates?
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• 8/10/2016

Dethlok 4 star trial bug

I grounded through Dethlok's trials as soon as I received him. After reaching 3 stars I noticed the last trial of the 7 is blank and has a 0/1 requirement. Has anyone else seen this? And if so how did you fix it?
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• 8/8/2016

How can I view my Allies' profile?

I want to be able to see what heroes my Alllies' have and how they're set up. Is there any way to do this?
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• 8/5/2016

Spec Ops 01

I just started this game. But it seemds like I've missed a lot, especially the spec ops. Then the spec ops selection "opened", so I went for a go. However, the progression bar is stuck somewhere at the beginning and I have no idea which task I am at.
How do I know which task to continue?
Or is it too late for me to get Antman?
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• 8/4/2016

Facebook login help

So when I want to connect to facebook I click the log in button in my settimg then my phone redirects me to a white screen with a loading sign then the game shows up again without it connecting to facebook does anyone know a fix?
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• 8/1/2016

pvp tournament deathlock final rankings and thoughts

my final rank was 5. this is one of the most fun pvp seasons I have had on maa2. It was challenging but not impossible. While I do miss the early pvp seasons where you could get rank S in less then a week with a decent team, I enjoyed this season more for the challenge and not bugs.
what was your rank and what did you think of the pvp season?
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• 7/21/2016
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• 7/18/2016

Iron Fist

Anyone else find iron fist very easy to defeat. Any time i have him on my team, if i dont get my tank to go early, iron fist normally just gets one shot ko. ive even had him ko'ed by an aoe attack. just wondering is this just me, is it a bad iso build or tis this a common issue?
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• 7/14/2016

What tank would bring the most to a Bleed based comp (pve)?

Before you suggest other comps, I have a static shock, and unarmed comp built already so now I'm assembling a bleed/wounding comp. I have a few DoT heroes i'm going to play with but I'm unsure about who should fill the tank role (as far as team synergy, I mean its very tempting just to Wasp and be done with it).
Any suggestions?
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• 7/7/2016

how are tactical abilities used?

I'm attempting to do the hero trials for hawkeye and it says one of the trials is to attack while debuffed by the careful aim tactical ability. During the fights I havent found any option to use the debuff on myself unlike all the other abilities you can set. As well as the innate abilities.
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• 7/1/2016

Iron man civil war upgrade 2 stars

I dont know what i need to do on the 3th mission,van anyone help me??
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• 7/1/2016

new auto play

we auto play is here and I have mixed feelings about it. as well as it can be just plane stupid with some heroes.
heroes like: wasp, spiderman and a few others will choose to spam one ability over and over again. Or they will do bad tactics.
other heroes like moon knight and hawkeye will do amazing with it

but I hope I don't fall into using it all the time. witch will take the fun out of the game for me.
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• 6/17/2016

Hawkeye weakened in the latest Patch/update?

He got leveled up after the patch, and got -220 -230 -210 and so on... on the caracter stats even if he is gained 1 level?

Or is that a bug?
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• 6/13/2016

Red Box Farming?

So Ability points are a big thing and u get them duping hero abilities wheres the best place to get the most red box farming
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• 6/7/2016
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